The Law Office of Joshua S. Reed Advocates for Injury Victims

A premier personal injury law firm serving Knoxville, TN and the surrounding area

Tennessee personal injury law states that victims are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained as a result of someone’s careless or criminal actions. At the Law Office of Joshua S. Reed in Knoxville, TN, an experienced personal injury attorney will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our personal injury law firm focuses on cases involving…

  • Bicycle accidents — attorney Reed is an avid cyclist who has been seriously injured before, so he knows what’s at stake.
  • Catastrophic injuries — we represent clients who are dealing with life-changing organ damage, amputations, bodily injuries and brain injuries.
  • Commercial trucking accidents — these cases may involve multiple insurance companies and defendants, but we’re prepared to hold the responsible entity accountable.
  • Other motor vehicle accidents — more than 300 fatalities occur in Tennessee annually as a result of car accidents, with countless more motorists sustaining serious injuries. We focus on cases involving pedestrians, motorcycles, rear-end collisions, distracted drivers, drunk drivers and motorists who were texting while driving.
  • Premises liability — from dog bites to slip-and-fall accidents, we handle a wide variety of cases involving injuries on someone else’s property.
  • Wrongful death — we’ll fight for justice for your late loved one.

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